Problems. Solved.

We’re all about change. Changing how we look at things. Changing the way we work. Changing our products to help our customers succeed with credit. Because if things don’t change, nothing gets better. Expect to collaborate. Expect to challenge. Expect to get agile.


Intent is where it all starts. What’s the problem? How can we solve it? What do we want to achieve? Who is best placed to help us do what’s necessary? A Product Manager takes charge of driving intent. People from all disciplines across the business input their ideas and imagination. A scope takes shape. The ball gets rolling.

Software Engineering

Making the vision come to life all comes together in the build stage. Everyone from QA Engineers and iOS and Android developers bring their expertise to the table here to create something that we’re all proud to put our names to.

Working with Open Source

Here’s a short video from some of our Data Scientists talking about the benefits of using Open Source. This has opened up new opportunities in the work that we do and enabled us to collaborate more with outside organisations.

Using Open Source software is key to the continued success of Data Science at Capital One. We’re able to access the latest updates and developments to key general purpose languages such as R and Python and produce elegant and sophisticated visualisations using openly available programming languages such as D3 and JavaScript. We can also investigate and promote the use of new Open Source software at Capital One so that we remain at the cutting edge of new advances in Data Science.

Creating The Mobile App

This project was all about improving the customer experience. A new way to pay; a better way to manage their account; enhancing functionality. We also had to ensure the smooth transition from the old app to the new one. It was a big ask. But we all pulled together to create the perfect answer.

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