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Money influences everyone in some way, shape or form. At Capital One UK, it is our common purpose to ensure this influence is a positive one on our customers' lives.

We are an information based lending company, founded on the belief that technology and information could transform the industry. Still led by our founder with that vision, we are a successful global bank and one of the UK's top credit card providers supporting millions of customers. We continue to transform at pace and work at the forefront to bring the best to our customers and help them succeed. 

Our team is relaxed, flexible, and full of smart, driven people with heart who are working together to develop the next big things. We are proud to have received the Glassdoor Employees' Choice Award for 2018, recognising us as one of the Best Places to Work in the UK.

Glassdoor Employee's Choice Award: 2018 Best Places to Work

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Our transformation from financial services company to tech-led business makes us a pretty special place to work. We draw on the latest tech to achieve our purpose. We think it’s good to share too – be it collaborating on projects, expertise, insights or opinions. Everyone’s contribution, everyone’s ideas are worth their weight in gold here. So we value everyone that works for us. 

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