Marina - Career Progression

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Senior Loss Forecast Analyst

MSc Maths, Imperial College London

Joined 2015


In 2017 I switched teams to Credit Risk Management and have recently taken on the role of Loss Forecast Analyst.

Life Story

A few months after my promotion, I bought a house in Beeston with my boyfriend.


In 2016 I was promoted to a Senior Analyst role.

Key Achievement

I helped to develop a tool to assess the risk from a range of different scenarios relating to Brexit. It feels great to know that my work is helping to inform our future strategies on this complex, unpredictable issue.

Standout Moment

Getting the right credit data on customers is crucial to Capital One. I worked on the team that migrated our business to a new credit bureau which provides this data. This was exciting as Capital One had never switched bureau before – we had to create new modelling tools.

Start at Capital One

I wanted a job that would be challenging and intellectually stimulating. What stood out about Capital One was the company culture and the people.