The design process

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For me, this project exemplifies one of the main reasons I joined Capital One in the first place: collaboration. I love the way that everyone here pulls together to create the best possible outcome and best possible product for our customers. It’s a steep learning curve at times. But that’s how you develop.

We’re also currently working on bringing our Online Account Servicing platform in-house. The control is beneficial for a number of delivery reasons, the main one being we can work fast and push forward in this space. Our Agile way of working enables this but, also, not being tied to any third parties when we need to make changes gives us much more freedom.

We work in a genuinely collaborative environment and this, along with our flat structure, makes this a fab place to learn and develop. This is a business where an idea can be born and developed in a matter of a few months – which for a highly regulated financial services company is virtually unheard of.