Lucy - Career Profile

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It’s no exaggeration to say working here has been a life-changing experience. When I first got chatting to a Capital One Exec at the Maypole in Cambridge 17 years ago, I had very little idea of what I wanted from a career – I could never have predicted that I’d be here for this long, that I’d meet my husband here and that, by the age of 40 I’d be on the UK board.

We talk a lot about our culture and values. I think any graduate joining a large company, particularly one in the financial services sector, might be forgiven for having at least a degree of scepticism – I know I did. But there’s a decency and a respect for our customers that runs through this organisation – through everyone you meet. I can honestly say that we’re absolutely committed to doing great work and to making change happen in our market.

From that first conversation, I got a real sense of how Capital One doesn’t expect you to know everything about the path you want to take. We take talented people and help them to do more than they ever thought they could – that’s been my experience. My path through the business has been anything but a straight line. I progressed from Project Manager to Operations Analyst before going on to be a manager of a team of Data Analysts in my first three years. Next stop was a stint as a Risk Analyst in our European business, a year’s hiatus where I left briefly to become a Consultant before coming back – because there was work to do that sounded so much more exciting than what I was doing.

My recent history is in Marketing. Marketing at Capital One is like nowhere else – my team design products, create strategies and build business cases. They understand the dynamics of credit and lending, as well as the more classic disciplines of advertising. We make sure we’re always at the cutting edge of digital innovation – working closely with Google, Facebook and lots of different partners to find new ways to speak to consumers.

We set a really high bar for ourselves. We’re looking to drive real change in our market and set new standards for transparency. We get a real kick from setting an example that others follow. The Quickcheck tool is a good example. It’s been a game-changer, especially for customers who are anxious about whether they’ll be accepted for credit.

I can think of no other company where someone with an engineering and analytic background like mine would get to learn new skills in leading teams of designers and brand experts. Capital One has really given me the opportunity to develop myself. There’s a degree of transformation that you need to undergo to be effective at each new level.

The way that you get there at Capital One is through feedback and continuous learning – you never get to settle. The challenge is great and I feel like I’ve come so far. It’s not always been a comfortable journey because I’ve had to learn a lot about myself on the way. But I like to learn and I like to have an impact. Even now as a Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, I’m really comfortable with being a work in progress.