Sponsoring Serverless Conference

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Serverless technology is at the very tip of the tech envelope. So you might be wondering why Capital One UK would have its name in @ServerlessConf’s Twitter feed, alongside the likes of Amazon and Microsoft as a main sponsor and contributor of content.

Running code and data serverless is very likely the next revolution for our industry. Our employees and leaders are always listening out for the whispers of change. When the ground began shifting to Cloud Technology around 2007, Capital One started to pivot to embrace that change.

And what started as a snowball has rolled into an avalanche of transformation across every area of our business. We’re moving to a new way of Public Cloud, Open Source, Design Excellence and intelligent APIs.

We’re talking about one of our open source offerings at the conference, Cloud Custodian, a rules engine for AWS management. Cloud Custodian lets you define policies for a well-managed cloud infrastructure that’s both secure and cost-optimised. It replaces many of the adhoc scripts organisations have into a lightweight and flexible tool, with unified metrics and reporting.

Ask any Capital One employee and they are very used to change. It’s by far one of our greatest bench strengths. We are on a journey to transform ourselves into a technology leader that also happens to offer award winning financial products.

Of course, it hasn’t always been easy. Balancing the needs of our customers (always rightly front of mind) and operating in a highly regulated field, all while juggling our incumbent tech offers a unique challenge.

I’ve been at Capital One for more than 16 years. I joined as a network engineer (gotta love IP, still going strong!) back in the early 2000s, and was part of the team that built the original resilient multi-homed ISP network and security post Y2K.

These days, it’s rare for to stay with one company for more than two years,and I sometimes get asked, “How come you’re still there?’.

The answer is simple:

  • Learning is exponential
  • Change is continual
  • The enrivonment is incredibly flexible and empowering
  • I get to work with some of the smartest, most rounded folks on the planet
  • We are rewarded, trained and pushed to do the best work of our lives

These ingredients permeate into our Technology culture, and make up a progressive, exciting and balanced place to work. Companies don’t place in the Top 5 ‘Great Place To Work’ for 5 years running for nothing.

As my good friend Drew Firment, Director of Cloud Engineering at Capital One would say:

“Mix with the forward thinking 1 percenters and feed your imagination to the art of the possible”.




Jon Allen is Senior Director, Head of Technology Ops and Chief Engineer @CapitalOneUK