Work. Relax. Play. Whatever you do, we want you to feel at home here. At work, we’re more business casual than suited and booted. And at play, well that’s pretty much up to you. So whether you want to elevate your mind, work that body (feel the burn), sing, run, play, dance, sit, chat, eat, club, pub or just escape the hubbub, it’s all here. Nottingham is our main home, and has been named the 3rd best city to work in by The Independent, and we have a satellite office in London, with a bigger, better, new and improved version coming soon.

The office is a pretty awesome place to work. Everything is so open plan, you have ready access to everybody around the business. It makes it very collaborative and easy to get things done.Dan Kellett, Data Scientist

It's Not Just About The Work

Travel Times

Located in the heart of England, Nottingham is ideally situated to be in an easily commutable distance from several major cities, including Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds and Leicester. It’s also a comfortable train ride away from London.

1 hr 42 mins
57 mins
1 HR, 14 MINS
1 HR, 48 MINS
1 HR, 55 MINS

Beards not compulsory

We’re expanding our presence in London. Right now, we’re based on Euston Road near Regent’s Park. But we’ve just tied up plans to join the hipsters and tech folk near the Silicon Roundabout at Old Street. We’re pretty excited about this. It’s all part of our continuation of our entrepreneurial spirit and data-driven decision making. We want to be at the heart of where it’s at technology wise. So our move to our new development in Old Street means we’ll have the perfect base to get in the mix.

So now you’ve had the full guided Capital One experience, check out what’s on offer job wise right now.